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Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

Multi-Point Inspection

Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection at Libertyville Chevrolet

We offer a multi-point inspection service at Libertyville Chevrolet by a certified technician, according to GM certified service standards, sure to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate evaluation of your vehicle’s condition. If you have been experiencing performance troubles or want to reduce uncertainty about maintaining your Chevrolet best, we offer the ideal inspection for your car to get it done.

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All About Multi-Point Vehicle Inspections

Multi-point vehicle inspection is a comprehensive and thorough bumper-to-bumper assessment of a vehicle’s condition, including all primary systems and components. Everything inspected is given a risk score regarding their expected performance and if maintenance is needed. A certified technician completes the inspection, and the checklist used for accuracy is the result given to you to conclude service.

How to Interpret The Graded Inspection Checklist

You will notice that the GM-certified inspection checklist is organized by the vehicle area and contains several checked components. You will see that there are three color options for risk, including green for good conditions with no maintenance needed at this time, yellow for items that will need maintenance shortly, and red for those needing immediate corrective maintenance.

Reasons to Schedule Routine Multi-Point Inspections

With multi-point inspections extending vast and precise knowledge about a vehicle's overall condition and risks, there are many reasons to schedule routine inspections at Libertyville Chevrolet. The main reasons why these inspections are beneficial are limiting minor problems and correcting them before they worsen, extending a vehicle’s life while reducing costs along the way, and improving safety while driving. Ultimately, suppose you ever want to sell your vehicle. In that case, you will notice that the root of its high resale value is your investment in routine multi-point inspections and diligent corrective maintenance when needed.


When Should I Get Multi-Point Inspections?

This is up to the driver, but the service is about catching minor problems before they worsen into more significant trouble with higher repair costs. To put it simply, it is a good idea to get an inspection when you need or can benefit from knowing more about a vehicle’s overall condition and risks. It is an excellent decision to get a multi-point inspection if you have experienced trouble signs related to driving comfort, primary system performance, or reduced fuel efficiency. We also have customers that choose to be proactive and get an inspection twice annually between seasons.

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