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We have the genuine Chevrolet parts for sale you need in Libertyville!

Chevy Parts in Libertyville, IL

We have the genuine Chevrolet parts for sale you need in Libertyville! Our selection of filters, fluids, tires, batteries, and wiper blades is unmatched for those who want to do-it-themselves. We also have parts for more significant projects, such as a radiator, alternator, or head gasket. Our staff is standing by and more than happy to answer any questions you have. They sit alongside our factory-trained technicians who know your Chevrolet inside-and-out better than anyone.

Genuine Chevrolet Parts

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OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Automotive Parts

When it comes to car parts, it is crucial to get OEM parts your Chevy to function at its best. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are made directly by the manufacturer, GM, in this case. These are the parts used to make your vehicle on the assembly line. Of course, these auto parts are designed and engineered with your vehicle model in-mind. They are tested to ensure performance, reliability, and longevity. Often, when you purchase OEM parts, they come with a warranty backed by the manufacturer. Besides buying OEM parts, you can purchase aftermarket or ‘third-party’ auto parts. Aftermarket parts are often cheaper, but that comes with drawbacks. Unlike OEM parts, these aren’t made specifically with a vehicle model in-mind. Instead, they are engineered to fit multiple make and models. As you can imagine, performance, reliability, and longevity can all take a hit because of this.

The Libertyville Chevrolet Difference

You may save some money working on your Chevy yourself, but you probably don’t have the tools and experience our dealership has. Our authorized service center houses the latest equipment and technology and some of the best auto service machines in Chicago. Our technicians are factory-trained and certified. Certification means that they have been taught and tested service processes on GM vehicles. This means they know your vehicle better than anyone.

Our entire shop takes our work seriously, no matter how small or large the repair might be, and our technicians love cars and want to make sure yours is running as efficiently as possible, so you and your family can enjoy the Chevrolet for years to come.

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Give us a call, or visit us online, at Libertyville Chevrolet today – we are a short drive from the North Chicago area. We are happy to help you get the parts you need when you need them. Call ahead, and we can have the parts ready for you when you arrive. And don’t forget to check our current service and parts specials.


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