Chevrolet Recall Department

Our Chevrolet recall department does everything within our power to ensure that your recall service gets done on a timeline that works for you.

Certified Chevrolet Recall Services in Libertyville, IL

Recall services can be a hassle to deal with, but not when you get them done at Libertyville Chevrolet. Our Chevrolet recall department does everything within our power to ensure that your recall service gets done on a timeline that works for you. While using genuine OEM parts and certified service that ensures you won’t pay a dime for your recall service. When you work with a local service department that isn’t Chevrolet certified, you may pay for parts and labor because that service department doesn’t have the service covered by the manufacturer. If you want your Chevrolet recall service done at no cost to you in Libertyville, IL, be sure to visit the Chevrolet recall department at Libertyville Chevrolet.

Chevrolet Recall Department

Recall Department

Don’t Risk It – Let a Certified Chevrolet Service Department Handle Your Recall Service

Since the whole point of a recall service is to fix a problem that the manufacturer is at fault for, you want to ensure that the manufacturer covers the cost of repairs. When you work with Libertyville Chevrolet to get your recall service done, you’ll pay absolutely nothing for your recall service, which is not the case when you work with a local shop. Shops that don’t have Chevrolet-certified technicians are not equipped to handle recall services like we are, and the manufacturer will likely charge them for the parts required for your recall service – costs that ultimately will be passed on to you. Don’t take the risk that you could be responsible for paying for a service that wasn’t your fault – get your recall service done at Libertyville Chevrolet, Libertyville’s preferred Chevrolet recall service department.

Check For Recalls Periodically

The manufacturer of your vehicle will make every effort to notify you of a recall service on your vehicle. Still, sometimes it can be challenging, as addresses and contact information change. Use our tool to check for recall services periodically – it never hurts to do periodic checks for any recall services for your Chevrolet vehicle.

Schedule Service for Amenities That Make Your Recall Service Go Smoothly

Depending on how big of a job your recall service is, it could only take a few minutes, or it could take a few days. However long it takes, our amenities at Libertyville Chevrolet will ensure that your recall service experience goes as smoothly as possible. If your recall service is one of the ones that take a few days, ask for one of our courtesy loaner vehicles so that you don’t have to go without a vehicle while we work on your Chevy car, truck, or SUV. Home/office pick-up & delivery service is another excellent way of getting your recall service done without having to leave the house – make the most of this service by requesting it when you schedule your recall service online or by phone at Libertyville Chevrolet.


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