Experience 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Libertyville IL

Experience 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Libertyville IL

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Libertyville IL - 2018 Chevrolet Cruze

Vehicle Overview

Chevrolet is recognized for the Camaro or perhaps the Corvette. However it is more than anything an extremely competitive manufacturer, that has a significant level of success across the US. Chevrolet has started its very own stylistic movement. Therefore the US-based manufacturer company has decided to go with, in the form of an ambassador: the Cruze. This brand new family sedan is available in Libertyville IL and happens to stand out from its competitors with an active as well as appealing style and design. At the same time, the additional benefit provided by the neophyte is its very own cost/equipment ratio. Chevrolet is trying to renew its identity around the world, and now the models are no longer the same.

Libertyville IL - 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Overview

Designed by the style office of General Motors, the Chevrolet Cruze must seduce any citizen. Her lines are much more attractive than the car she replaces. Since the recent changes at Chevrolet, there is something new in the air. The old models are today replaced by the Cruze which was imagined for the international market. It has been developed by designers to meet the expectations of the buyers in all countries of the world. That’s why the Cruze is only available in 4-door with trunk: the majority of customers on the planet prefer this model. However, the opinion of users has been taken into consideration regarding the qualities of the car.

Libertyville IL - 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Exterior


The essential equipment of the Cruze is very complete. The presentation is neat, and the materials are high quality. It also benefits from a six-speaker MP3 CD car radio with a six-CD changer. In the top finish, the headlights, windshield wipers and air conditioner are automatic. Like the exterior, the cabin benefits from a bold design. After this, we discover a large trunk. The volume can be increased by lowering the back seat. In the end, we get a flat floor. Finally, under the trunk mat, Chevrolet has integrated a real spare wheel. The dimensions almost unchanged compared to the earlier versions and do not affect the habitability that remains great, while the trunk has a high volume and easy access. The driver will find a good driving position, with a seat adjustable in height. The occupants are very comfortably seated at the front.

Libertyville IL - 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Interior


The hood is ribbed and the logo enlarged. The slender profile makes us think of a coupe. Overall, the design of this Cruze is dynamic, and now it is easy to identify a Chevrolet. Also, the Cruze does not bring significant changes in the look. A lateral groove runs from the front lights to the taillights, and the roofline is falling backward. The dimensions are substantially the same, and the wheelbase remains unchanged. Remember, this automobile is available to you as a test driver 2018. At the front we find the broad, massive grille divided into two parts as on the latest models. The exterior remains unchanged, taking the full lights with an almond shape and elongated stern.

Libertyville IL - 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Mechanical


There is something to attract many buyers because the quality of the materials is high and many buyers are now careful to reduce the bill of the car in the household costs. It must be said that it is provided with tires, more renowned for their comfort than their dynamic appearance. In addition to the LT, a second LS finish is also available with a less powerful horsepower engine: in this case, standard equipment is less available, and the price is even more attractive. As such, the Chevrolet offers an alternative for a family thanks to its generous size. Rest assured the direction remains very well calibrated in normal driving. Resting on a fabulous platform, the Cruze is comfortable, and long trips can be made without problems. Take this car out as a test driver 2018. Somewhat typical in its comfort level, in dynamic driving it provides a little agility, and the direction quickly becomes natural.


With a transmission with only five gears: it makes it possible to reduce the energy needs and consequently the CO2 emissions. In fact, on highways, it often happens that one seeks a sixth gear. No doubt with a little habit, we will get used to it. There will be some noise at the time of heating of the cylinders before diminishing when the temperature will be stabilized. It is torquey as long as you keep an eye on the tachometer and the needle stays above two thousand reps. It is in town and in the traffic that you will have to juggle between the first and the second. On the road, however, it is ideally assisted by the five-speed gearbox. The shift is easy to use, and the speeds lock correctly. The VCDi 163 engine is only associated with the high-end LT finish, which also offers 17-inch alloy wheels, automatic ignition of lights, rain sensor, electronic climate control and a USB plug.


On the road, the Chevrolet Cruze has excellent handling and a safe and stable temperament. It has a surprising engine for several reasons. First, unlike the reputation of many, this is a rather silent motor. With torque, it offers dynamism, strength, and power at an affordable price.


If the Chevrolet Cruze revolutionizes its segment regarding style, it also knows to highlight its other assets: an efficient engine and an attractive price. Therefore, have a word with your Chevrolet car dealership in Libertyville IL.

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